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“Restless” speaks to the universal themes of faith, resilience, and the transformative power of hope, making it a relevant and essential resource for any father seeking solace and strength during turbulent times.

about aaron.

Aaron Dowen is a comic book creator, author, musician, and graphic designer. He is a graduate of Liberty University with a Masters of Education and a passion for storytelling.

Writing stories from a young age brought him to the point of self-publishing his first novella in 2018. He has since released multiple books, comics, and maintains a substack.

He lives between states with his wife and two daughters.

what people are saying.

“Aaron, Joe, and this merry band of mad, comic book making masterminds have somehow found a way to channel all that edgy, indie comic book superhero magic from the 80s and 90s. Hmmm...I think I hate them for it."
Doug Wagner
"This one is another Kickstarter treasure that I heard about through the grapevine while it was still in production. The hype was well deserved!" "The book is done in black and white, which makes it more powerful with this artwork."
Quentin Rushing
"I never expected it to be as good as it was!" "Welcome To Everville deserves to be ranked among some of the best creator-owned books you’ll find coming out of Image, Aftershock, and Boom Studios. It’s just that good."
Brett Hillesheim